I’m calling it – it’s officially patio season! We couldn’t have asked for a better week of weather – it’s like we forget what warmth feels like sometimes, but I am so glad it’s that time of year again. This weekend, I hope to get started on getting that balcony of ours  cleaned up a little so we can begin enjoying it.


One of my absolute favourite covers of all time. It’s been on various  playlists of mine for almost 2 years now, and yet I never grow tired of it.


Back issues of Vanity Fair on my iPad. I’m a little behind, but love catching up in week-long binges.

c/o Vanityfair.com

c/o Vanityfair.com


The fine people at BlogTO for doing what they do. I’ve found so many favourites all over the city because of their lists, the most recent of which is my new salon, Flaunt Boutique. I’d been with the same salon for the better part of a decade and, since I now live in quite the opposite direction, I finally decided it was time for a change. I was first-date nervous before going in (a lot can go wrong when it comes to hair!), but the experience was absolutely amazing! Plus, they have this giant sign hanging in the entryway, which made it for me…



The first vacation of the year – a trip out west to Vancouver (and environs)! I am so excited to go away for a week and, more importantly, to visit that part of Canada. I’ve only ever made it as far west as Banff, so this will be a whole new (and promisingly fantastic) world to discover.

Vancouver city and mountains, c/o Wikitravel

Vancouver city and mountains, c/o Wikitravel

Happy Friday – I hope everyone gets outside this weekend, whether it’s to bike, to run or to walk to the nearest ice-cream shoppe!


Travelin’ Woman

leaving on a jetplane

I’m ever so slightly obsessed with travelling. I’ve been really lucky to have had the opportunity to travel here and there in my twentysomething years of living, and I hope to be able to do more and more. When I was in university, I spent a semester abroad in France (which included an impromptu and fantastic side trip to Morocco, among others); when I graduated I spent 6 weeks travelling through southern Africa with one of my favourite partners in crime (and birthday twin); and there were all those trips my parents dragged me on as a kid (I say “dragged” because I really didn’t appreciate at the time how awesome it was that I got to go to Europe when all my friends were going to camp in Canada) and that we took together as an adult (a lot more appreciative). All this to say, I’ve been unbelievably lucky (no humble brag intended).

In the last two years, I’ve mastered the art of the weekend trip. Without doing the math, I can tell you I’ve spent many an hour going back and forth on weekends to cottages and Ottawa. For all these trips, I’ve given my luggage and accessories some definite wear and tear. Now that I’m in the market for some new travel companions, I wanted to share some of my must-have travel goodies.

travel accessories

1 – Heys Revolver Ultra lightweight SpinnerThere are two things that, in my opinion, are incredibly important when choosing luggage – wheels (ideally 4, so you can push the luggage any which way) and expandability (pack more, in less!) We’ve had Heys in the family for quite some time and I love them. This particular style is super lightweight, which helps with weight restrictions (read: you can pack another pair of shoes without worry). Plus, their luggage is available in almost every colour under the sun, so you’re guaranteed to be able to spot it easily at pick-up (as opposed to picking up every black duffel bag in the hopes that it’s yours).

2 – iPadI’m a huge fan and proponent of the iPad. When it first came out I was honestly confused about why anyone would need this – you have your phone, you have your laptop, what’s the point of the “in-between” device? Having had one for the last while, though, I can definitely see the benefits. Before each trip, I make sure to download a book, update my magazine subscriptions and load the latest (Vanity Fair is number one for me these days), update my music and apps, and maybe even download a movie or TV show or new game. I became addicted to Homeland on the way to Florida this past December, where I watched back to back episodes on my iPad. The iPad is portable, light, holds its charge for a long time and provides all your entertainment when you’re waiting on terminals, on trains, in planes…

3 – Lollia “Relax” HandcremeI’ve mentioned Lollia before as part of my candle affinity, but I also adore their handcremes. Relax is by far my favourite scent of theirs, and I never leave home without it (I have a few lying around in purses). Their small version is great and airport-friendly (read: less than 100ml) and is a must for the dry hands air travel and hard airport water inevitably bring.

4 – Henri Bendel Travel TrioThese are a fantastic way to keep your clothing organized in your luggage. Separate your shoes, delicates and laundry out for maximum efficiency and cleanliness. They also have a set of 3 zippered pouches that you can use to carry chargers, blow dryers, flat irons – all those must-haves that often get tangled up or lost.

5 – Deux Lux Raleigh Weekender BagSince my current weekender bag’s zipper gave up on me, I’ve had my eye on this lovely gem. The colours are great, it comes with a removable shoulder strap for easier carrying, and it’s the right size for a carry-on or trip to the cottage.

6 – Rosebud SalveMuch like the handreme, this salve has been a staple of my pockets/purses for years. It’s delicate, non-greasy and has a subtle delicious taste. It’s great for lips, but I’ve also used it on dry spots like my nose if I’m sick or elbows, whenever I’m short on the cream.

7 – Apple EarPodsWhen you’re travelling, the last thing you want it to hear the airplane noise or a baby crying for hours on end. I personally like to make a playlist and just relax, deep in my own little world. While there are tons of noise-cancelling headphones out there that can set you back hundred of dollars, I find that the Apple EarPods work just fine. They aren’t perfect, but the redesigned in-ear support makes it so that you can more easily tune out the world.

8 – Conair Travel Smart AdaptorPlugs are different all over the world, but often what you need isn’t a voltage converter rather just a plug cap. This Conair set from Canadian Tire has enough that it will work most anywhere outside of North America (check beforehand!), but the individual pieces means that you can take only what you need and not worry about lugging unnecessary and bulky items around.

9 – Tory Burch Travel Cosmetics CaseIn the same vein with the Henri Bendel pouches, a good cosmetics bag is key. I love this Tory Burch one for its style, but also practicality. When fully unzipped, it opens up lengthwise and comes with a hanger on top, so you can hang it up in the bathroom of your hotel, taking up less space and having your own personal cosmetics area.

Now…to plan a trip!