I think we can all agree that the last two weeks have been intense from a “WTF is happening in the world!?” perspective. This weekend will be all about taking it easy, calm, and hopefully enjoying some warmer weather.


This song completely makes me think of the Arctic Monkeys, right down to the British accent when singing. Love the altern-rock-punk vibe of this band overall.


I’m trying to stockpile a whole bunch of recipes I want to try out this summer, and, as a result, have been spending a lot of time on Spoon Fork Bacon. These ladies do it right – great recipe ideas (like this and this), fantastic photography, and a really fun vibe to their site.



Of a time when this ridiculous warm-cold-sleet-rain will turn to nothing but warmth so I can crack out the summer attire and commence sitting on patios. Oh, and so I can lounge here…


Mother’s Day! It’s coming up on the 12th!

Happy Friday!