Leslieville: The First Food Tour

We are now on month 3 of living in Leslieville, and both my boyfriend and I agree that it’s such an amazing neighbourhood. Certainly lively and full of surprises. Now that we have had a chance to try out some great food spots in the area (with, admittedly, still so many left to try), I wanted to share my Top 5 Food Spots in Leslieville (for now).

1. Lady Marmalade: I don’t need to rehash how amazing this place truly is. So worth the wait. But just in case you forgot…

Baked french toast is the cat's pyjamas...

2. Ed’s Real Scoop & Bobbette and Belle:

Both of these spots make me all sorts of happy when it comes to dessert/snacks. Grabbing ice cream at Ed’s Real Scoop has now become my favourite passtime on warm summer nights (maybe a little too much…dangerous stuff!), and Bobbette & Belle makes nothing short of incredible desserts. My recommendation? Get a macaroon from them, pair it with the cookies ‘n creme ice cream from Ed’s, and call it a day.

3. Rashers & Leslieville Pumps:

I talked about the amazingness of Rashers way before I even lived down the street from it. Their sandwiches are still delicious. A new favourite we recently learned about is the Leslieville Pumps – on its face, this spot is merely a run of the mill gas station. But inside you will find more than just candy bars and chips. They have sandwiches with smoked meat, BLTs, pulled pork, poutine, coleslaw and deep fried pickels. Yum! Perfect hangover or late night food (while Rashers closes at 8pm, The Pumps is open 24h!)

Simple grilled cheese? Not these sandwiches!

Rashers’ goodness…

4. Paulette’s Chicken and Doughnuts:

Freshly made doughnuts (like, my favourite, the s’mores doughnut) + fried chicken + your choice of sauce makes this place a fun spot to have an unhealthy but utterly delicious snack. We recently tried their deep-fried macaroni ‘n cheese balls, too…can’t say you would be wrong in doing the same. I love this spot because it’s one-of-a-kind in the area and offers a fun alternative to fast food. If you’re feeling like something bad for you, but oh-so-good, this place delivers.

5. Prohibition Gastropub & Riverside Public House:

Riverside was the first place we tried upon moving in. And Prohibition has now become the “go-to” when meeting friends for a drink. They have great beers on tap, a fantastic happy hour, prime location at Queen and Broadview plus their food is  pretty damn good. My favourite dish that I’ve  had so far is their “Pulled Pork Grilled Fromage” – exactly what it sounds like: pulled pork +grilled cheese. But the kicker is that it comes with fries and a slightly tangy raspberry flavoured dipping sauce. It shouldn’t work, but it certainly does. Definitely work a try.

We fully intend on trying more places this summer (like Ruby Watchco/Ruby Eats, “The Nose”, Swirl Wine Bar, among others), and I will be sure to get more on he list.

The new 'hood!

The new ‘hood!


Brand New Day

I’m still in the early stages of this blog, so things are constantly changing. I decided to change the look of the blog so I could have a bit more customization options. While I loved the whimsy and look of the balloons theme, I’m really happy with the simplicity of this new one. Look for more subtle changes as I evolve this blog over the next few months. Ok, now back to the Oscars, bacon and home decor…

Celebrating the End of the World (with a new blog)

It’s almost a new year and, as with most late-December musings, thoughts turn to “how do I make this year the buttercream to last year’s cupcake”? Ok, maybe not the best analogy…what I’m trying to say is, it’s time for resolutions.

I’ve never been one for resolutions – why promise myself I will go to the gym in January, when we all know I nest (borderline hibernate) in the winter? – but this year will be different. I’ve resolved to start regularly blogging. And…I’m sticking to it!

Welcome to Mahogany Bacon. I love all things interior design, style and food. Plus, I spend more time than I care to admit reading “my blogs” (they’re the 21st century gal’s equivalent of soap operas a.k.a. “my stories”), so why not join the momentum? And so this is me, attempting to curate everything I love from this wide web of information, pictures, recipes and decor tips du jour, into one blog that I can call my own.

This is my new (internet) home. Take off your shoes and stay a while.

condo christmas tree

Tis the season…