You learn something new everyday

The last month has been bananas. To the point where “Hollaback Girl” is constantly running through my head (this s*** is bananas…b-a-n-a-n-a-s). And while there is a lot going on in my life (moving next week, starting a new job, my boyfriend is moving back – for GOOD! – next month, he’s starting a new job, and we are getting a car) it feels good to know that things are changing for the better (hopefully).

For this Friday (the first Friday of spring), and in the spirit of constantly growing, I give you: My Top 5   3 “Learn as You Go” Lessons of the Last Month (or so).

1 – Don’t get too excited about the first apartment you see to rent:

Rookie mistake. We found a place to rent. The day I went to view it, it was a rainy Sunday night and I had a headache. I fell in love with it – or, at least, the idea of it. When my boyfriend and I went back about a week later to take some measurements, reality hit: I’m completely spatially challenged. The space is…smaller than I had remembered it being. Don’t get me wrong, it will be a great first apartment together and we will make some awesome memories there. We picked Leslieville and I’m really looking forward to exploring the area – it’s top of our list to buy in. But I certainly think I was more excited with the idea of being done with hunting for an apartment than with the actual space itself. Now, when we go to buy in a few months, I will be on total high alert. I’m playing hard to get with real estate from here on…

(I’m loving the tips on Apartment Therapy on how to make your rental feel like home and their ultimate renters guide)

The new 'hood!

The new ‘hood!

2 – There’s more to cars than colour:

Admittedly, I’m not that naive when it comes to cars. But until we started to seriously look at cars to buy, I hadn’t given anything else much thought. Now I’m deep in a world of insurance quotes, diesel vs gas engines, safety ratings, add-ons, heated seats and parking considerations. I’m enjoying looking around and learning what’s what in the car world, and educating myself on all the terminology. Plus it’s our first big purchase together, which is doubly exciting. But I still want it to look pretty.

(Some tips for buying a car once you’ve picked the colour can be found here and here)

Top car choice. And look at that colour! Source.

Safe and reliable. And look at that colour! Source.

3 – Dessert is meant to be shared, and only shared (apparently):

My friend and I went to dinner the other night. I had a pasta dish, she had a seafood and rice dish. And wine. We had wine. Then came time for dessert – we got the menus, discussed, and decided that we had each had rough enough weeks and were hungry enough that we could safely get our own rather than share. The waitress came back to take our order. “The giant cookie, please.” She started walking away and said “great choice, I’ll bring you two spoons.” Then we had to awkwardly break it to her – the cookie was just for me. My friend ordered her own apple pie. After my friend and I both looked at each other in shame and horror, we burst out laughing – then proceeded to finish our desserts, because That’s. What. You. Do!

(If you don’t want to share, try this easy cheesecake-in-a-mug recipe for one)   

Two spoons? Naw. Source.

Two spoons? Source.



Remember how I said I was a huge fan of creating playlists? Well, Design Milk recently wrote about  a product that has me pretty excited – a USB mixtape kit. It looks just like a old-school mixtape (complete with plastic case and space to write your tracklist), but for the modern age. It’s really a case with a built-in USB key that allows you to simply add songs (up to 15) directly from your computer. How cool is that?

In honour of that find and a weekend of (hopefully) warmer weather and packing, I’ve made a playlist with some of the songs that are just bringing a smile to my face these days. This particular RAC remix of a Two Door Cinema Club song is right now on constant repeat.

Hope everyone has a great weekend!

Celebrating the End of the World (with a new blog)

It’s almost a new year and, as with most late-December musings, thoughts turn to “how do I make this year the buttercream to last year’s cupcake”? Ok, maybe not the best analogy…what I’m trying to say is, it’s time for resolutions.

I’ve never been one for resolutions – why promise myself I will go to the gym in January, when we all know I nest (borderline hibernate) in the winter? – but this year will be different. I’ve resolved to start regularly blogging. And…I’m sticking to it!

Welcome to Mahogany Bacon. I love all things interior design, style and food. Plus, I spend more time than I care to admit reading “my blogs” (they’re the 21st century gal’s equivalent of soap operas a.k.a. “my stories”), so why not join the momentum? And so this is me, attempting to curate everything I love from this wide web of information, pictures, recipes and decor tips du jour, into one blog that I can call my own.

This is my new (internet) home. Take off your shoes and stay a while.

condo christmas tree

Tis the season…