With a quick two-day jaunt to Ottawa for a certain someone’s graduation (my boyfriend is a master, y’all!), this week has flown by. And, judging by my evening plans over the coming weeks, seems like summer time is in full swing once again.


This song makes me think of a cooler, slightly rainy night by the beach. I’ve been hearing it on the radio a lot lately and it’s made its way onto a few playlists already.


I have mentioned Town restaurant before (when I said Ottawa is a foodie delight), and the celebratory lunch we had the other day more than lived up to my internal hype of the place. The food is beyond delicious, but there is one particular dish that I could eat over and over again: Mortadella Crostini. I don’t actually have a picture of it (I did find one taken by a Yelp user), but it’s meaty, it has nuts, it’s on toasted bread and it comes with an egg (in sandwich form) – I don’t think I need to sell it any more. One of my favourite dishes of all time, hands down. I sure will miss it!


Hitting the golf course with my dad on Sunday for a nice round of golf and some cold beers on Father’s Day!


To finally take the plunge and buy a camera. I think my iPhone has taken me as far as it can…right now, I’m looking at something in the Canon family (aka “the known entity”). I like the Rebel series, and their new EOS SL1 seems to be super lightweight and offers the right digital SLR qualities I’m looking for.


This view of my fair city (taken last weekend from a boat my friend rented for his moving away party!)

toronto skyline


Happy Father’s Day and have a great weekend, everyone!