The day spent outside yesterday at the Arts & Crafts Field Trip Festival. 2013 marks the 10 year anniversary of this amazing Canadian label (which launched acts like Broken Social Scene, Feist, Metric and Bloc Party) and they put on an incredible party to celebrate. Held at Fort York in downtown Toronto, the festivities took place on Saturday from noon until 11pm, and included some amazing collaborations: Uber Toronto and Scion Canada got together to offer free rides to the festival (a sweet perk in and of itself, but there was musical trivia as you rode and getting 5 songs right meant you get a ticket upgrade to VIP – which came with its own viewing area and food stations), Toronto Underground Market offered up a ton of awesome food all over the venue (from food trucks like Gourmet Gringos and Caplansky’s to food vendors like La Carnita and The Saucy Pierogi) and the Drake General Store and various Etsy vendors were on hand in case you wanted to commemorate the day with shopping.

After a Friday that had us waking up to a very punctured car tire which had to be replaced, this festival was a welcome distraction. Oh, and beach chairs? Best investment ever for day-long events.

field trip festival

I hope everyone is having a great weekend!



I don’t know how it happens, but there are certain weeks where it feels like I barely see the inside of my own house. The last week has been busy with the long weekend, lots of friends visits, and work creeping up, but I’ve loved getting more and more into the swing of summer (even though we have yet to do much to our balcony…soon, though!)


In honour of the Cannes premiere of Ryan Gosling’s new film with the director of Drive, I’m re-listening to the amazing soundtrack from that wonderful movie. The pseudo-80s, techno feel of the songs is all sorts of right. While I’m hoping that the new collaboration – Only God Forgives – will be as epic, it got negative reviews so far (who boos Ryan Gosling!? I mean, really!?)…


My iPhone case with these tongue-in-cheek stickers (made from REAL wood!). Thanks, Alli, for sharing these with me.

From Indigo

From Indigo


Some food truck food (thinking: Toronto Underground Market (TUM) style). There’s something about food on-the-go from a quality vendor (not hot dogs) that just makes my mouth salivate. I was so happy when I heard that there would be food vendors at the Field Trip Festival in June – can’t wait!


A bathroom tray to hold the odds and ends that seem to accumulate…as simple as it may seem, I’ve been on the hunt for one for quite some time.

c/o West Elm.

c/o West Elm.

Happy last weekend of May (where does the time go!?)!