I’m calling it – it’s officially patio season! We couldn’t have asked for a better week of weather – it’s like we forget what warmth feels like sometimes, but I am so glad it’s that time of year again. This weekend, I hope to get started on getting that balcony of ours  cleaned up a little so we can begin enjoying it.


One of my absolute favourite covers of all time. It’s been on various  playlists of mine for almost 2 years now, and yet I never grow tired of it.


Back issues of Vanity Fair on my iPad. I’m a little behind, but love catching up in week-long binges.

c/o Vanityfair.com

c/o Vanityfair.com


The fine people at BlogTO for doing what they do. I’ve found so many favourites all over the city because of their lists, the most recent of which is my new salon, Flaunt Boutique. I’d been with the same salon for the better part of a decade and, since I now live in quite the opposite direction, I finally decided it was time for a change. I was first-date nervous before going in (a lot can go wrong when it comes to hair!), but the experience was absolutely amazing! Plus, they have this giant sign hanging in the entryway, which made it for me…



The first vacation of the year – a trip out west to Vancouver (and environs)! I am so excited to go away for a week and, more importantly, to visit that part of Canada. I’ve only ever made it as far west as Banff, so this will be a whole new (and promisingly fantastic) world to discover.

Vancouver city and mountains, c/o Wikitravel

Vancouver city and mountains, c/o Wikitravel

Happy Friday – I hope everyone gets outside this weekend, whether it’s to bike, to run or to walk to the nearest ice-cream shoppe!