Night Out: Spring Fling

Last night, my friend Allison and I had a night out (we have those with quite fervent regularity) and decided to try out an old classic, The Drake Hotel. Now that spring is officially in the air, we were ok venturing outside of our little respective nooks to Queen West. I’ve mentioned the Drake before (back in the early days of this blog when I talked about good gifts for the holidays from their General Store), and it’s definitely one of my favourite spots in the city. The Art Deco vibe, mixed with good music and great drinks makes for a fun night out, every time.

the drake hotel

Right now through April 30th, they have a prix fixe special going on that just sounded too good to pass up. For $32, you get an appetizer + a main + a dessert. Bonus: they have a neat selection of spring cocktails to accompany your meal (like one of my favourites, the basil smash).

Allison's Basil Smash and my (uber-strong!) bourbon-based "A Clockwork Orange"

Allison’s Basil Smash and my (uber-strong!) bourbon-based “A Clockwork Orange” 

Dinner was, in a word, yummy. Between the two of us, we tried 4 dishes (we tend to think quite similarly when it comes to food). A really refreshing cucumber + mache + sorrel salad (with mint and feta) started the meal for both of us. I then moved on to a really crispy-on-the-outside-juicy-on-the-inside eggplant parmigiana, and she had a seared lamb loin with shallots, carrots, peas and chickpea puree (which was described as “melt in your mouth good!”). Dessert was my favourite, though. There’s absolutely nothing I love more in a dessert than blueberries, unless it’s wild blueberries smothering a vanilla cheesecake with walnuts. Mmmmmm….

Drake Spring Fixe DishesI’d never actually had a sit-down meal at the Drake before (usually just appetizers/nibblies and drinks) but I’m so glad we did because it was all sorts of good. Plus, the service was undeniably good – our waitress was so attentive, without being overbearing, and it felt like our table was more than taken care of. The best part of the whole meal, though, was being up in the Sky Yard – the Drake’s rooftop, semi-covered (for now – in the summer it’s totally open and has one of the best rooftop drinking spots in the city) patio which was such a nice respite from the cold, cold winter over the past few months.



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