Hey look! We have a balcony!

Now that the spring thaw is in full effect (and we’ve hopefully had the last of the snow/hail/cold storms), my mind has turned to one of the key features that made us rent this apartment: the balcony/patio. I love the idea of having a space to be able to hang out with a couple of friends, have dinner, or just a glass of wine on those perfect summer nights in a couple of months.

Right now, this is what we are working with…

balcony - before

I know, it requires a bit of TLC. But I’ve found some ideas that I can’t wait to get started on!


I mentioned before that I’m anxious to get working on my green thumb. This balcony will be my testing ground. I’m going to try to get a planter or two in there, and maybe even get some tomatoes going (!)

Ikea White Hanging Planter

Hanging plants are awesome, and I love the lace-like details on these planters from Ikea

Wood Box from Home Depot

This is where I will plant tomatoes…or just some pretty flowers


Pretty much anything I pin or look at or love when it comes to future outside decor involves some kind of light set up. I love candles, naturally, but am also a huge fan of hanging string lights. There’s just something so romantic about them on summer nights (until the bugs start biting…that’s when I crack out Citronella – like this candle).

globe lights from Pottery Barn

Hanging lights, strung across the top of the balcony.

Crate and Barrel Vine Hurricane Candleholders

Add a pop of colour with these candleholders from Crate and Barrel


In an ideal world, I’d spruce everything up with colourful patio furniture and paint. But given the temporary nature of this new place, we won’t invest quite yet in anything more permanent. Instead, accents will make their way outside via things like pillows and decor pieces.

cabana pillow

Red stripes outside to match the red couch inside!

Add a nautical element in the city with these cute decorative buoys from Pier One Imports

Add a nautical element in the city with these cute decorative buoys from Pottery Barn

Colourful way to plate those yummy summer BBQ foods

Colourful way to plate those yummy summer BBQ foods


This is what I am most excited about! I’m not really involved much in the choosing of a barbecue set (I leave that to the man who knows what he is actually doing), I can’t wait to spend some time grilling and enjoying the outdoors this summer. One of the first things I will make? This grilled corn with parsley and garlic…mmmm…


3 thoughts on “Hey look! We have a balcony!

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