The Writing’s on the Wall

One of my favourite trends/hot items in decor these days is wall decals. Wall decals are a relatively inexpensive and easy way to change-up the design of your home or certain rooms on a more regular basis. They’re doubly awesome if you’re a renter – save yourself the hassle of nailing art into the walls, only to have to cover it up when you leave. More than anything, though, they look damn cool!

Decals can be small and impactful, or can help you create larger designs on entire walls that replace additional paint jobs or wallpaper (a couple of tips here on whether you should decal or wallpaper). Decals work really well to spruce up those odd spaces that don’t quite fit furniture or any other artwork; they’re good for a bathroom or bedroom (especially a kid’s room, since interests change so often); and they look awesome in kitchens whether as part of the backsplash or on the walls above the cabinets.

The key pieces of advice for getting decals up is to ensure you have a clean, smooth (as much as possible) surface and plenty of time and patience (the bigger the decal, the more likely you will find little annoyances like bubbles – but the end result is totally worth a few frustrations!)

wall decals

1.  An example of something more seasonal you can do in a reading nook or den are these Cherry Blossoms from Surface Collective.

2.  This large colour block from Blik is a good way to really add a pop of colour to an entire wall. Kind of in the vein of those accent walls I like so much.

3. For a girl’s room, a ballerina tightrope walker from Household Words adds a little whimsy and romanticism to the room. This would look great over a desk or above a bed.

4. One of my favourite decals is this birds on an electric wire from Household Words. My parents have this up in their bathroom and the quirkiness of this decal mixed with the modern vibe of their bathroom is such an amazing combo.

5. A unique way of decorating above a bed is with this negative Decal from Peel Monkey. I like that it’s negative space that you’re looking at – something that’s a little bit different and eye-catching.

6. Keith Haring Barking Dogs from Blik – I had this up at the condo and, unfortunately, left it there when I moved. I desperately miss it.

7. Giant Gerber daisies from Roommates

8. If you’re looking more for a whole-wall-replace-the-wallpaper decal option, there are tons to choose from like these polka dots from Urbanwalls.

Removing decals is even easier than applying them, so you can change your mind as often as you like!


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