Accents (Not The Language Kind)

Within a span of about 24 hours, a strange apartment in a brand new neighbourhood became “home”. And I don’t mean it just became the place we call “home” when referencing where we are going after a day at work or a night out, but it actually strangely felt like home. It felt familiar in all its strangeness. I attribute a large part of that to having all of the previous furniture in the new place. When I walk in, everything is “mine” (typical only child…)

I’m a big fan of investing in (and maintaining) accent pieces. Accent pieces are those pops of colourful decor or unique pieces of furniture that are associated with you and your style. Right now, for me, that’s a giant red couch from Structube.

My big comfy couch...and Audrey

My big comfy couch…and Audrey

So I recommend taking the time to find something that just screams “you”. Something that, when people see it in a store or in a picture, they immediately think of you and your own individual style. This could be something like this couch, or a wall, or a really funky table ornament.  Some key rules of thumb to follow when picking an accent piece:

1. Limit to 1 per room – it should work to draw your eye to a focal point, and too many will

2. Big or small, it doesn’t matter so long as it’s unique and stands out (just enough without clashing with the rest of the room)

3. Choose an accent colour for the whole room, or floor, or even house. It can create a nice flow and tie everything together without having to stick to one particular design scheme. I have red touches throughout my living room and kitchen (in the form of a tea towel, mini storage containers, a candle…)

4. Most importantly, don’t force anything. By nature, accent pieces stand out and make a statement, so make sure it’s something that speaks with you and that you’ll be happy with in a week, a month or a year.

For inspiration, here are a few awesome pieces I’ve found while looking around:

accent pieces

1. Bright green pop of colour via this sculpture from Structube
2. This pebble stone makes for a really cool accent coffee table
3. All teak side table – how awesome would this look beside a metal bedframe?
4. Fantastic vintage metal tin for all sorts of storage


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