Flower Power

I will admit, I’m not the best at maintaining plants in my home. But that doesn’t mean I don’t absolutely love them. Now that spring is right around the corner, thoughts turn to blooming trees and flowers. On my list of homey things to become good at this year is creating (and maintaining) flower arrangements. In preparation for that, here are 3 easy steps to getting your home spruced up with flowers for spring:


The vase can easily act as an accent piece in your home (like the red and white poppy  vase from Anthropologie), it can be a more neutral choice with a pop of colour (like the Kauai vases from CB2), or it can be a simple clear vase that allows the flowers to pop on their own (like the Kanist vase from Ikea). Or, you can have a mixture of all 3 with different flower arrangements throughout your house.


Tons of gorgeous flowers come in bloom during the spring months – daffodils, peonies, orchids, freesia… Lots of colours, sizes and textures to choose from. My personal preference for flower arrangements is picking one main colour and working around that palette – for example, choosing a daffodil as your main flower means you can have other yellows (like a yellow poppy or a daisy) as well as whites and oranges (like an orange tulip or lily of the valley). Find something fragrant (but not too fragrant) and something that will live well indoors. Make sure there is enough light where your flowers will be, too – you don’t want your arrangement to wilt sooner than it has to.

Love the style of this arrangement from HGTV

Love the style of this arrangement from HGTV

As far as I’m concerned, there is no “right way” to arrange a vase in your home. Sure there are tips and tricks and professional opinions, but so long as the flowers speak to you and they show off your home style and personality, you can’t go wrong. My personal thoughts are to have one more “out there” arrangement at a focal point in a main room (accent vase with unique mix of flowers in complementary colours) then use more neutral arrangements throughout the home in places like your bedroom, dining room and even kitchen (particularly if you have an island). Make sure to trim your flowers before placing them in the vase, and switch out the water once a week to help keep them as fresh as possible for as long as you can.

For a bit of inspiration, you can go here and here to see some awesome arrangements. Now if only the weather outside would warm up…


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