Won’t You Be My Neighbour?

Officially moved in over the weekend! While it was a long 3 days of packing, unpacking, cleaning, dropping things, moving furniture around, and  hanging art up, the place looks pretty great (if I do say so myself). We got to explore the new area a bit over the weekend (we had to eat, after all!) and so far my favourite parts are:

Mmmm croissants for breakfast...

Mmmm croissants for breakfast…

The Brick Street Bakery literally across the street from us. I don’t know how much better it can get than walking outside your house and smelling fresh-baked bread constantly (though I’m a little concerned about what this will mean for my ability to fit into my jeans in a few months…)

Local meats from Rowe Farms and amazing cheese from Leslieville Cheese Market.

Local meats from Rowe Farms and amazing cheese from Leslieville Cheese Market.

On that note, there is also an awesome meat store (Rowe Farms – they have a local selection of delicious meats) and one of my favourite cheese shops within walking distance – I know I need to add some veggies to this mix but, so far, everything I need is a stone’s throw away.

This area is also perfect for taking little strolls. There are a ton of furniture shops around (like Machine Age Modern or Pied a Terre), parks and more than enough bars, restaurants, and brunch spots to satiate any appetite.


Over the weekend, we had dinner at Riverside Public House – a spot around Queen and Broadview, The kitchen is run by Dustin Gallagher (a former chef at Grace on College and a former Top Chef Canada contestant), and despite having read some mixed reviews, I loved every bite! Between the awesomely fresh oysters, the homemade pate with pickles + mustard + toast, and the mains of a juicy burger with smoked mozzarella + rosemary french fries, as well as the spicy take on fried chicken and buttermilk waffles it was definitely an awesome introductory experience to the neighbourhood cuisine.

This dinner was quickly followed the next morning by brunch at Joy Bistro, which was decent (we were hungry enough that we devoured everything) but I’m really looking forward to trying out Lady Marmalade a few doors over (without fail, there is a lineup there every weekend morning around brunch time so it’s got to be good).

Now that all is settled, we can return to our regularly scheduled programming of decor and bacon. Hope everyone had a great long weekend (and didn’t fall for any April Fools’ jokes).


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