Emu Sliders are the new Big Macs

My boyfriend cooks. Like, really well. Which is a pretty awesome thing to have around. One Sunday last summer, we took a trip down to St. Lawrence Market, looking for some local groceries to stock up on. Aside from the fruit and vegetable stands and bakeries, there are a lot of meat (and cheese – which I love) vendors in the market. Since I’m quite the carnivore, I like to try different types of meat whenever possible. I love steak as much as the next person, but I’ve also tasted (and loved) bison, elk, zebra (during my graduation trip to South Africa), springbok, ostrich, alligator, buffalo, deer…gamey, steak-like meats are right up there on my list of favourite meals. So when we found some local emu slider patties at the market, we just had to snatch them up.

That night, he made an awesome meal: 3 different emu sliders on mini ciabatta buns, with a side of homemade potato salad and some grilled asparagus.


emu sliders


The best thing about that meal was that it was creative but didn’t take a lot of time to make. The most taxing part was the potato salad (and only because you have to boil the potatoes and wait for them to cool a bit, unless you want it to be warm). The rest was grilling onions, red peppers and asparagus and cooking the sliders and plating (so key). I thought about this meal the other day when I was having a not terribly exciting (taste-wise) dinner at one of those big box restaurants – it reminded me about my goal to become a bit more creative and daring in the kitchen. My home cooking has been slipping lately with all the move business, but I will start back up again. When you can make gourmet-like meals in your own kitchen without having to tip someone at the end of the night, why wouldn’t you?

Also, if you ever have a chance, I recommend emu meat – it’s deliciously gamey!

What’s the better-than-a-restaurant meal you make at home?


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