Packing It Up

We sold the condo! So now my den looks like this:

photo (52)

They say that selling a house and moving are among the more stressful life events. While it does certainly take a toll (and time), I’m actually quite excited for this new stage. But I’m still slightly overwhelmed. How do you pack up an entire life and move?

  • Tips from Apartment Therapy on how to make a move more efficient and less stressful – the key? lists! I love writing lists (especially when I get to cross things off) and have already started one that keeps track of everything like what we need to keep, get rid of and store. Martha Stewart has some great printable moving checklists, too.
  • Label everything! I’ve already learned that lesson the hard way – I accidentally packed away my health card with all my previous monthly metropasses and couldn’t find it for quite some time. After that minor panic attack, I’ve started clearly labelling boxes – all over! The more you know where things are, the quicker you can get set up in your new place.
  • Leave plenty of time – I’m at T-minus 30 days until my move and that time will surely fly by. Most weekends are now spent packing things up. And in my previous moving experience, packing and unpacking a van take way longer than you would anticipate. Something always goes wrong (or, less than right), so plan accordingly.
  • Change your address – by far the last thing on my mind right now, but quite possibly the most important. I’ve made a list of all the bills I get monthly and have to now figure out what the best way to change my address on all of them is…last thing you need when moving is for bills to go missing, or important information to not reach you.

While this is an exciting time, change is always a little daunting especially when it’s such a big move. And I can’t say I won’t miss this view…

photo (53)


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