A few of my favourite things…

I like to catch up on my blogs whenever I have downtime and, ever since I started writing here, I’ve been a lot more diligent about flagging posts or articles that I love for inspiration. Even still, I have a ton of starred and bookmarked articles that I haven’t quite found a place for – they were really just things I liked, for whatever reason.

So as I sit in my favourite chair, browsing the things that make me smile, I thought I would share a few miscellaneous ones that I just love:

chairsThe other day, Design Milk posted these awesome dent chairs. I love that they look wrinkly (i.e. dented), but very comfy. I’m a big fan of unique chairs – they can bring a look together really nicely in any room and these ones in particular add a lovely pop of colour.

Keys to the Kitchen

I got the Keys to the Kitchen for Christmas. I absolutely love it – it’s got everything you’d ever need to know (from knife skills, to how to deal with and recognize different cuts of beef) and some stellar recipes. It’s also so gorgeous – beautiful photography, and awesome graphics – that it actually makes for good bedtime reading.

Teatro VerdeTeatro Verde is a complete gem in the city. They have quirky and unique home accessories, and one of my favourites is this vintage motel poster. I love wall art that draws you in and stands out in a room.

EQ3I absolutely adore the look of ladder shelves. This one from EQ3 is deep enough that you can actually use it for books or plants or even hold towels in a bathroom. They’re great because they are space-savers (until that mansion comes, I have to look for anything that does the trick without taking up an entire room) and fit that “rustic-chic” vibe I so love.

kate spade

This Kate Spade outfit makes me happy because it is gorgeous and gets me dreaming of glorious spring weather…

And these are a few of my (many) favourite things.


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