Movin’ On Out

View from my condo

View from my condo


As of 2 days ago, the condo is officially on the market to be sold. I know – what’s the big deal, right? Well this move signifies the start of a whole new (sometimes kind of scary) chapter in my life. After living on my own in this condo for nearly 5 years, I’m getting ready to pack condo living in for (hopefully) buying a house with my boyfriend this year. Oh my god.

The selling process is very interesting and something I have never been through. Staging a condo for viewings is fun (albeit a lot of work). I think we did a pretty bang up job with mine, to the point where I almost (almost) don’t want to move. It’s also fascinating to me how attached we can get to our houses. If you ask me, this condo is the best. thing. ever. And anyone who doesn’t want to buy it is just silly. But then again, everyone thinks the same thing about their own place.

The most eye-opening part of this whole thing, though, has been the overwhelming amount of information that you need to know or consider when buying/selling. I was shielded from it as a kid, but man oh man, is there a lot to think about. There is also a lot of math involved, which is not my strong suit (thank you, Excel!). Not to mention the market – the Toronto housing landscape right now can be hit or miss. Houses are often going for well over asking these days, and it can certainly put a strain on finances (and financing). Plus, there are a ton of real estate acronyms to learn (what is an ELF?)

All in all, this is a really exciting, albeit stressful (you guys, it is really hard to keep the space you live in, in pristine shape 24/7 while you have showings) time. The thing I’m most excited about in this whole process, though? Decorating a new place!

My home for the past 4 and a half years.

My home sweet home  for the past 4 and a half years.


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