Diner Date

Toronto’s Thompson Hotel is quite the venue. Aside from the gorgeous rooms, stunning rooftop patio/pool, and prime location for drinks during the summer, the Thompson has 3 awesome restaurants: Scarpetta (an Italian fine dining restaurant with fabulous and unique dishes), Wabora (in my opinion, one of the best sushi restaurants in Toronto, only bested by the original in Bracebridge, Muskoka), and the Thompson Diner (which is what this post is really about).

"Nighthawks" by Edward Hopper

Recognize this? The All-American diner…”Nighthawks” by Edward Hopper

There’s always been something so fun and vintage about diners. And the Thompson Diner is almost an exact replica of the look and feel of this all-American establishment. I had a great time the last time I was there for a relaxing dinner. The menu items are what you would expect from a diner, but with a twist – mac and cheese made with truffle oil, reuben sandwich, burgers (like the “Deep South” made with pulled pork and onion rings), and buttermilk fried chicken (yum).

My friend and I each had one of their footlong hot dogs – hers with grilled onions, mushrooms, melted swiss cheese and bacon; mine with fresh cole slaw, dijon mustard, onions and relish. Both were incredible and accompanied by onion rings and french fries, respectively.

The best part of the meal? Their specialty milkshakes! They offer spiked shakes that are absolutely delicious – I had a vanilla shake spiked with Niagara Ice Wine, and my friend had an amazing mudslide.

Filling and delicious diner food

Filling and delicious diner food

The Thompson Diner is open 24 hours a day, which makes it perfect for late night eats during nights out and also for brunch (their brunch menu, by the way, looks absolutely scrumptious – bacon and sausage stuffed pancakes? bloody caesars made with bacon-infused vodka? yes please!).


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