The hunt for the perfect pillow

At last count, I have 8 pillows in my home. Naturally, I lay my head down to sleep on only one of those. Sound familiar?

I will be the first to admit that having a good pillow on your bed is crucial.  We spend a good portion of the day sleeping (a third, if you’re getting the requisite 8 hours), and a good pillow can be the difference between a blissful snooze or waking up with a crick in your neck that won’t go away for days.

But once you’ve found that perfect sleeping pillow (you can use these tips from Canadian Living), attention can turn to finding those more fun (read: less practical) accent pillows. Accent pillows are a great and often inexpensive way to spruce up just about any room in your house. I already referenced my most recent favourite find (the airport code pillow), but now that I’m in the process of starting a move (more on that at a later date), I’m taking my time eyeing some newer ones. You can never have enough pillows, can you?

for pillow blog 2

1. Scrabble Pillow, Etsy    2. OH! Pillow Case, CB2    3. Eastern Elephant Pillow Case, Urban Outfitters                             4. Bonne Nuite, Alexandra Ferguson    5. All-Aboard Pillow, Anthropologie    6. Penguin Pillow, West Elm

Pillows can very quickly bring a room together, whether it’s with a colour scheme or some kind of theme (i.e. travel). They can also refresh your furniture when you’re feeling it’s getting a little dull by adding a unique pop of colour or a sassy pattern. And they’re perfect to have around on the couch for those lazy Sunday afternoons.


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