Quinoa is the new rice

Over the last year or so, quinoa has made its way into most home pantries. This ancient grain is also becoming quite popular among the foodie crowd, appearing on the menu at a lot of restaurants within the city. Another feat of this super food? It happens to be one of my favourite things to eat these days.

You can’t go wrong with quinoa – it’s easy to make (20 minutes on the stove top), has awesome nutritional value (protein, iron, magnesium, calcium…oh my), and tastes so good! It’s a great substitute for rice or potatoes and is very versatile. Quinoa can act as breakfast, lunch, dinner or even dessert…pretty impressive.

For a quick and easy brown bag work lunch, I just take my favourite ingredients (read: whatever is left in my fridge), mix it with freshly cooked quinoa (The Kitchn offers good tips for how to make it fluffy) and let it cool in the fridge overnight. It’s a delicious and no-time-spent way to get a healthy mid-day meal.

Screen Shot 2013-01-15 at 8.35.38 PM

Some other great quinoa recipes:

– For breakfast, use it as a substitute for oatmeal in this sweet and delicious dish from Martha Stewart (you can’t go wrong with cinnamon, brown sugar and blueberries for breakfast)

– As a side dish, this quinoa pilaf from the Food Network is delicious (pine nuts are another favourite food of mine). Only thing I would alter? Add some parmesan cheese to the mix.

– A quinoa and chicken stir fry (via Epicurious) is a delicious twist on regular stir fry.

– And for dessert? This quinoa pudding looks pretty interesting. It has pomegranate (a super fruit! or so they tell me) and reminds me of my days eating Kozy Shack rice pudding as a child. This will most definitely be made in the near future.


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