Get ready to paint the town Emerald Green

Every year, Pantone (the company responsible for those colour swatches you use to pick things like fabrics and paints), unveils their carefully-chosen Colour of the Year which is meant to help set the tone for fashion, design, etc for the rest of the year. Last year they picked Tangerine Tango as their colour, which you would have definitely noticed in interior design (if you were at the Interior Design Show last January you would’ve seen more bright tangerine accents than expected).

Recognize these? Pantone Colour Swatch.

Recognize these? Pantone Colour Swatch.

This year, Pantone chose Emerald Green as the colour to see and be seen in for 2013. It’s a rich, earthy colour that ranges in spectrum – on the lighter end, it’s a little more blue-ish (like its namesake gem) and a little more “fun” (see: capri pants below) while on the darker end, it evokes a majestic quality, almost royal in its shading.

I didn’t know about this Pantone tradition (now in its twelfth year) until recently, but it certainly intrigues me. I’m typically partial to brighter colours like their choice of Tangerine Tango of 2012 or their first ever Colour of the Year, Cerluean in 2000. But I really like this green they’ve chosen. It can get gaudy (especially in design – I’m not a big fan of dark green, felt couches with gold embellished legs, for example) but I’ve seen enough uses where it adds a splash of colour to modern furniture (pillows on white or grey couches, or a throw on a neutral-toned bed sheet) that I can see myself trying it out this year by buying maybe an Emerald Green vase or candle holder for the condo.

If nothing else, this colour will be perfect on St. Patrick’s Day in March!


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