Yours Truly

This holiday season will be very busy but before the craziness starts, my boyfriend and I decided to take a night out for just us two. We decided to try a restaurant I’ve been hearing nothing but great things about – Yours Truly.

Screen Shot 2012-12-20 at 10.38.10 PM

The venue itself is awesome – rustic industrial decor, the music’s not too loud, lights not too dim (am I getting old or what?) Perfect ambiance. But the menu and food is something else entirely…

The full menu at Yours Truly

The full menu at Yours Truly

The premise is simple: it’s a four-course tasting menu. You’re given a selection of 2 main ingredients per course (i.e. carrot or beef, egg or grouper…) and you choose the one you want. From there, they make the dish using the main and other local, seasonal ingredients. While the dishes themselves are smaller than you’d expect (as per a “tasting menu”), they provide a few amuse bouches in between that get you just full enough so you’re not scrambling for pizza afterwards.

The view at Yours Truly

The view at Yours Truly

We both had very different things from the menu. My favourite dish had to have been the “egg” dish – it involved pea shoots, a poached egg, purple potato crisps and a lightly whipped foam of egg whites on  top. My boyfriend really enjoyed his second course, consisting of delicious pan-seared scallops. There was also a great chicken dish, which involved chicken breast with crispy skin, blue cheese mousse, pine nuts and apple slices. In between our courses, we were given oysters, a delicious fruit+pomegranate palate cleanser, garlic buttery buns, a mini seared eel sandwich, and my favourite, devilled eggs.

By the time dessert came (an awesome cheese plate for him, a delicious “Christmas-y” cake made with eggnog for me), I could safely say that I will be returning to this restaurant. Highly recommend it for a unique dining experience and great service.

Remnants of a delicious night out

Remnants of a delicious night out


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